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Upcoming Events


Saturday, Jan 19th: Maha Harinama in Waikiki, 
Sunday, Jan 20th: Breakfast at Magic island 
Sunday, Jan 20th: Welcome back Lord Jagannatha at the Sunday Feast
Monday, Jan 21th: Rendezvous at Diamondhead in parking lot at the end of Magic Island for Rathayatra at  8:30 AM

Estimated duration:
2 hour parade and 2 hour at park


Parking is at Ala Moana Shopping Center, NOT at Ala Moana Beach Park.  You may need to catch the bus back (or walk) or pre-arrange a ride. The temple will be pre-occupied with a variety of services and cannot also do this.

The Route: 

Unlike previous years when we have been the last in line, this year we'll have a peace march group who will be forming a large peace sign in Kapiolani Park after the parade.  They are hoping to make it large enough to get in the book of world records.  Anyone may join them after.  

What to Bring:

comfortable walking shoes
something to cover head as frequently HOT (sometimes rain...)
DO NOT bring heavy backpack

Dress Code: 

By all means please do wear clean and attractive devotional attire such as sari/nice dress; dhoti or yogi pants with kurta or devotional (Krishna) t-shirt.  However, please DO NOT wear a swim suit or bum shorts, etc.   Let's make this a nice public presentation for the pleasure of the Deities and for the benefit of others. So please follow are dress guidelines. 

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